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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Music Mondays: "Get It" by Matt & Kim

I’ve been a little busy the last few weeks, explaining my lack of Music Mondays, but I will try and make up for that (this one was actually started on a Monday, at least). To start with, I’m covering “Get It” by Matt and Kim.

I recently got to see Matt and Kim live, and while I’ve liked their music for several years now, seeing them in concert gave me a new appreciation for their music. I honestly have no idea how anyone could keep up that energy night after night of touring.

“Get It” is pretty close to what I would consider a perfect representation of a Matt & Kim song. The duo thrives on its simplicity, with a simple but bouncy and catchy synth riff and drums. For a while, and for some reason I can’t quite articulate, I used to think the simplicity of their music was downside. I can’t see now why I thought that; Matt & Kim’s music doesn’t need anything more than what it is. The keys and drums provide more than enough of a groove to feel lively, and it fits with the lyrics.

The lyrics also gave me that vibe for a while, but like the music, they are exactly what they need to be; super honest and heartfelt odes to happiness, with an infectious catchiness. Again, here “Get It” fills the Matt & Kim idiom, with lyrics about enjoying the night. Matt belts “At 1 AM, oh yeah/goddamn, goddamn/we don’t want to go home”, about making mistakes, and so on.

I suppose that all feels very vague and superficial on paper, but to music, it works. And in concert? Well, that’s part of my new appreciation. For as easy as it may be to assume otherwise, Matt & Kim are totally sincere about all of this. Being able to tour is, to them, quite clearly a rush. This is the pair of them, just making the music they want to, enjoying life and celebrating with other people, putting all of that out there for an audience. Seeing it all together only reinforces how catchy everything about their music really is. 

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