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Monday, January 29, 2024

Music Monday: End of 2023 Playlist

Just in under the wire, it’s time for another Music Monday Playlist! As usual, here are the links to the YouTube and Spotify playlists:

The notes on what’s missing: I couldn’t find 7mai or alpha’s songs on YouTube or Spotify, so I’m just linking their Bandcamp pages here. Also, I could only find Flood District’s music on YouTube, but it is on the Spotify list.

One thing I will note here: I’ve historically included YouTube and Spotify playlists in these articles that you can listen along to or sample. Those two platforms are the most requested ones, but I’ve been strongly considering dropping the Spotify one; the most recent reason being the platform changing their rules and demonetizing over 80% of songs on the platform. Essentially (assuming my understanding is correct), artists who can’t reach minimum average listens across their catalog aren’t eligible to claim royalties any more.

I didn’t want to just stop offering it without a warning, but I also don’t know if any of the artists I mention here fall under that threshold, so I’d push people to listen to the YouTube version if possible. Their payouts still aren’t great, but at least they aren’t doing that (to my knowledge). Also, maybe consider supporting ones you really like through Bandcamp or something (which is having their own issues, but nothing on that level); many of them have pages there, and that’s even where I find a lot of the smaller artists. And if the next playlist post I make doesn’t have a Spotify version, that’s probably at least part of the reason.

I feel like I usually have a strong outline here, starting with my favorite release and going down from there, but… I kind of didn’t this time. So instead, here are just my collection of thoughts, roughly assembled into the order they are on the playlist.

The Beaches: I had a friend recommend their new album Blame My Ex to me the week it came out. It was some fun and catchy indie rock, and I enjoyed it enough to check out some earlier EPs and singles (which also got some representation on the list). Several weeks after that, I saw them starting to pop up in more places, so I get to say that I was (moderately) ahead of the curve here! (Although maybe it’s just my local alternative station; their peak chart position feels low given how much it’s been popping up, or maybe it’s just slowly rising?)

Underscores: I feel like Underscores has been on a solid upward trajectory. I liked her debut album Fishmonger, and I enjoyed her follow-up EP(?) Boneyard AKA Fearmonger even more (both featured on one of my playlists), but Wallsocket is yet another step forward. It’s an interesting album, one that focuses on storytelling and characters, a rare approach that I really love. We get stories about bank robbers on the run, young obsessive not-quite-stalkers, feuding small town elites… there’s a lot, and I need to give it another listen trying to piece together a larger narrative (it’s supposedly about the small town of Wallsocket, from the little bit of behind-the-scenes descriptions I’ve let myself read, but I don’t want to spoil myself entirely). It’s hyperpop, but the much more experimental end, the kind that pulls from any- and everything; you’ll get traces of pop-punk, folk, alternative, electronica… I’ve already included my favorite songs, “Cops and robbers” and “Locals (Girls like us)” on past lists and don’t like to re-use, but “Old money bitch” and “Johnny johnny johnny” are also solid choices.

St. Lucia: I called their fourth album Utopia one of my favorite albums on my End of 2022 Playlist, but one of my reservations at the time was that it ended on a relatively weak note. One of my favorite things about St. Lucia albums are that they tend to end on a high note: usually a longer track that starts small and driving, then gradually builds to some crashing finale to drive the whole thing home. Sure, maybe it’s a specific trope, but damn if they don’t do it well.

Utopia was missing that, and trying new things is nice and all… but the Deluxe version of the album adds banger “Two Moons” at the end, and gosh, does it just make things feel right. I love it. They also released an album of unreleased songs from their debut When the Night to celebrate its tenth anniversary, and “Poet” is here for that.

Lauren Mayberry, CHVRCHES: I’ve been working on a larger CHVRCHES post when I have free time, and it’ll hopefully be coming out soon. In the meantime though, I’ve added a song here from their tenth anniversary special edition of The Bones of What You Believe. Also, I loved lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s new single “Shame”, although I still haven’t seen news on if there’s a full album in the immediate future?

WALK THE MOON: They officially announced they were going on a sort-of hiatus, and capped it off with a collection of new songs and re-releases and reworks of early stuff, The Liftaway. If the CHVRCHES idea goes well, maybe I’ll do something with Walk the Moon next, we’ll see.

Bad Suns: I feel like it’s a regular thing on my playlists (maybe for years now?) where I’ll be planning my playlist and looking at things that came out and see a Bad Suns release and be like, “Oh yeah, that was solid!”, and then just… not write it up at all. So I’m specifically calling it out here; their Infinite Joy EP was good! If you like post-punk indie rock stuff, I think they have a solid track record, and I go back to it a lot!

Hoity-Toity: I called out the As Above EP by indie rockers Hoity-Toity back in the Start of 2023 Playlist article, and they just followed it up with the So Below EP. Guess I should have seen that coming. Either way, it’s more of what worked there, so the recommendation still stands! (It only just occurred to me to try listening to them back-to-back, so I can’t comment on whether they flow as a single album, but I should try that next!).

Chappell Roan: As you may have noticed by the date, I’m pretty content waiting to publish “Year in Review” type articles back into the new year, until the prior year is actually, you know, done (I mean, sure, some of that is probably that my posts are less constrained to a calendar year to begin with anyway, but whatever). One of the side effects of that stubbornness is that for a little bit of time, I can start looking for things I missed on other lists (look for that to be a thing on the Start of 2024 list,too). Chappell Roan’s The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is one of those early findings; what a fun, vibrant alt-pop album from a young artist, one that can get grand and dramatic in scale while also keeping a fun sense of humor and energy. Lots of hooks here, plus some real songwriter craft studying the best in the business and implementing her findings; you can feel the influences in some songs, even as they’re reworked into something new and exciting.

LOBBY BOY: I wound up going through most of the discography of this Richmond band, and there’s just something about it that I found… comforting, I guess? I don’t know why. It’s some alt-synthpop type stuff, not quite shoegaze, but I feel like it has some similar qualities? Just dense textures that you can dig in or get lost in thought to. “Pursuits of Personhood” is a favorite.

Ura Star & Fireball Kid: Another Bandcamp find where I just stumbled upon them and wound up going through a lot of their discography. I actually found Fireball Kid’s solo album Gas Station first (probably on the new tab?), then found their combined discography through that, although the two sets are not terribly different: a lot of synth-heavy, feel-good-party electropop. Definitely a fun time.

Zoe Briskey: Zoe’s EP Ultra Desire was another fun Bandcamp find that I listened to a lot. Some fun, tight electropop-punk instrumentals under vocals covered in digitized effects and other experimental touches that remind me of the sort of interesting and jagged style you’d see in, like, early new wave stuff maybe? Or the smoother, PC Music end of hyperpop? It’s only six songs, but I can’t wait for more, and definitely want to dig into her backcatalog.

Gold Casio: Another one of my favorite finds on Bandcamp, Gold Casio is a lot of fun, just a bunch of loveable weirdos. Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death) is a dance pop album with heavy disco, new wave, and electronic influences, plus a storyline about aliens decked out in gold making contact with humanity. I know I’ve complained about long albums in the past, but this one just zooms even with its length. There’s some strong hooks and solid variety there, and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure: Or maybe you’d prefer your dance music with less of a silly sci-fi bent and more of a nod to the macabre? The Afterparty delivers on that, with tons of solid grooves and banger tracks like “6 ft Under the Dance Floor”. It’s maybe a little heavier on the electropop and electroclash elements than Gold Casio, but a lot of the underlying disco and new wave influences are still there.

Heartracer: I actually featured this band on my Start of 2023 playlist; I found an old double-EP they released back in 2018, Summer Heart (literally combining two prior EPs, 2015’s Summer Gold and 2016’s Eat Your Heart Out). And enjoyed it enough, but didn’t think a ton more about it. It’s some nice ‘80s-inspired, new wave-ish, synth-driven pop-rock. I feel like it would have been big in the indie pop scene of the early 2010s. Anyway, I sort of forgot about them until I saw a new album of theirs, The Feel, pop up two different times, first because of a St. Lucia remix, and then having it show up on Bandcamp. I gave it a try off of that and latched on much harder; it has that early sound and promise, but with added experience and the added cohesion of being planned as an album. Definitely a good time! And some inspiration to revisit the earlier stuff.

Hannah Diamond: I was sort of middling on Diamond’s first album from back in 2019, but I decided to try her second album Perfect Picture when I saw it came out, and it won me over immediately. It’s a dozen perfect pop tracks, with that trademark PC Music touch of uncanny hyperpop-polish and glitchy chops.

Able Machines: An L.A.-based electronic indie pop duo whose album Digital Precision is loaded with sci-fi-ish concepts. The songs are a lot of fun even if they don't add up to much of a narrative. Maybe like a poppier take on Big Data, if you also remember that band?

Frost Children: I stumbled on the sibling duo and their album SPEED RUN with no expectations, and found a really fun hyperpop and dance album, peppered fun moments and references. It just bounces around in every direction, it feels like. I was less into Hearth Room, their follow-up, but there are still good moments there; and even more so, I just have to respect the confidence and productivity in releasing a follow-up pop-folk album just seven months after a hyperpop one, not even under a different name or anything.

Milk Talk: I tried a few of their singles and liked them, and then they put out a full self-titled album which was also great. Some great funk/city pop to get you moving.

Midnight High: I kind of ended up going pretty hard into dark, moody synthpop this time (a lot of it from duos too, weirdly?), and I think Midnight Lesson’s Swimming Lessons was the one that stood out the most, the one I kept coming back to. Each song has a solid enough groove to it to keep things from getting too mushy, and there are nice extra touches to help some songs stand out, like the sax line on “Do It To Me”.

CATBEAR: And CATBEAR would probably be the runner-up in that category. They stick harder to down-the-middle synth-y sounds, but they also have a good sense of focus on Into the Light, delivering a short and sweet experience with strong hooks.

Broken Record: If you prefer your moody introspection with guitars instead of synths, I came back to Nothing Moves Me a lot as well. Some good, solid emo/post-punk indie rock.

Dirty Nice: I covered indie pop/alternative band Dirty Nice over the last few playlists, and their new album Surrenderland released a few months ago. I like it even more than their debut album, it’s a little more consistent from top to bottom, and there’s some good energy in songs like “SHARK!” or “This Is Gonna Hurt” (already featured on a different playlist, so not reused here). I’m very interested in seeing where they go from here.

Short Fictions: The Pittsburgh-based Midwest Emo indie rockers released a new album, Oblivion Will Own Me and Death Alone Will Love Me (Void Filler). I think I ultimately prefer their last album Every Moment of Every Day (it was either slightly less bleak, or the more ornate instrumentation balanced the bleakness out a little better), but this was a solid follow-up!

Trust Fund Ozu: Another follow-up for an artist that I’ve covered in playlists before. I enjoyed her last album, and I think FAYE DOUBT is an even better follow-up. I know I’ve included a lot of smoother, poppier hyperpop on my list, and this one is better for those who prefer the glitchier, crunchier, more abrasive side of things.*

*I’ve seen some people use terms like “glitchcore” and “bubblegum bass” for these different styles, and I don’t know the exact history there or how hard-and-fast those definitions are, but I feel like I need some way to quickly clarify what I’m talking about. Maybe it’ll be that, who knows.

Allie X: Every now and then, I’ll find something from a few years ago on Bandcamp randomly and be very impressed it, then find out while researching for the playlist article that it in fact got a lot of buzz in the music press back when it came out, I’m just not on top of things. Anyway, Allie X’s Cape God from 2020 fills that role this time. It’s solid alternative-pop, with lush arrangements and strong songwriting. Maybe I can be on top of things and check out her next album when it releases in February.

Wild Nothing: A lot of that also applies to Wild Nothing, I guess. 2023’s Hold got less attention than Cape God, but it’s also the band’s fifth album, and they’ve been getting some attention from the music critic set for years. Still, it’s some solid indie dream pop; I just don’t know that I have much more to add on top of that.

Flood District: Like a lot of this list, I found their album Eden to Carry while browsing the electropop and synthpop sections of Bandcamp, but Flood District feels like they’re also pulling much more heavily from stuff like pop-punk and post-punk and emo than most of the other stuff I found. I kind of makes them stand out here, I think.

Nasim Siddeeq: A great R&B artist with a smoky, soulful voice, and his albums make for relaxing listens. Singing for My Life is much more stripped back, singer-and-guitar songs, while his self-titled album expands to larger, more traditional R&B arrangements.

Civilians: A six person band that uses their horn section for some heavier jazz-funk-rock sounds. Tracks here are pulled from their new self-titled album.

Kicksie: I shouted out her two most recent albums in my last playlist, but I continued diving into her music after that, and wanted to mention Mad Dash this time. It was the album that preceded those, and it was another good time, highly recommended if you like indie pop-rock drawing from ‘90s alternative.

Chris Farren: Ditto here, his last two albums were good, but so was the album from just before those, Can’t Die. Give it a try if you’re a fan of power-pop and ‘70s singer-songwriter stuff.

Holly Humberstone: I was kind of shocked to find out she wasn’t on the same label as The Japanese House and The 1975, she feels very much in that mold. But there is some more youthful energy and a sense of playfulness here than in some of those, with one of my favorite moments being from “Cocoon”: “You said you’d give me both your kidneys/If I cried for help/Like, Jesus Christ, calm down”.

Post Coal Prom Queen: If the Gold Casio section’s pitch of “album about first contact” interested, you but not the part about it being dance music, good news! I have another, more refined take on the concept, too: Post Coal Prom Queen’s Music for First Contact, an art pop album with more complex instrumentations and arrangements, which tickles the same part of my brain that likes, say, early Florence + the Machine.

Inhaler: Cuts & Bruises is a great indie rock record full of wistful lyrics and soaring, yearning guitar work, and it’s a fun listen. It reminds me of something, and it’s been on the tip of my tongue for ages, but I can’t place it. Maybe some 2000s alternative band? Maybe early U2, but that might just be because they’re also Irish (edit: I learned after writing this that their lead singer is actually Bono’s son, so uh, I guess that comparison was closer than I realized).

Alice Knows Karate: A Bay Area artist making dreamlike dark synthpop with DIY spirit. The album I listened to, Fablewave Deluxe, is at its best when it’s working as a sort of Alice in Wonderland interpretation, although it drifts away from that after a few songs.

Neon Tetra: I’ve talked up the band Ripe a few times here, and if you like their style of pop-funk, give Sweatin’ Up a Storm EP by Neon Tetra a try.

Missouri Surf Club: A little more on the DIY-side of alternative and indie rock, but I enjoyed postcards from a churchyard. They have some early Paramore-like energy, I feel like.

Theo Tries to Talk about Electronic Music: I always feel like I have less to say about some genres by virtue of being less familiar with it, but I still want to give a shout out to the things that I liked. I also may be misusing labels and subgenres, so please forgive me and let me know if that’s the case.

Snail’s House put out the EP Alien Pop IV, which is probably my favorite set of releases that they do. I’ve put them on these playlists a lot, but if you haven’t heard them, they do really energetic and upbeat electronic music. I’ve seen this style called several things, kawaii future bass, kawaii bass, and pico pop are the ones that stand out the most, and Snail’s House is probably the most prominent.

I’ve also included 7mai, a contemporary of Snail’s House, in the past. I finally made it through all of the Colorful Palette series by listening to the original one, Violet, but then they released White, so both EPs are represented here.

I also learned of alpha, who’s also in a similar space stylistically. Their kawaii pop assort and kawaii pop assort 2 are both included here.

French producer Andora has a lot of overlap as well, but with a touch of French House as well, I think? No EPs here, so I just included some singles.

I’ve also mentioned Brazilian producer ElevenWAV here in the past, and she released a short EP as well, a MiLLiOn thoughts after midnight… Her style is close to the kawaii bass set, but with more of a jazz fusion take on those elements.

Me and My Kidney is an American producer, and their Magical Girl Coma also has some of the same labels, but has some drum and bass elements to it as well. I’d also say that it sounds more like what I think of when I see “future bass”, which… I don’t really think sounds much like “kawaii future bass”, but whatever.

Blackbird Blackbird is from the Bay Area, and his Hearts LP feels like it’s all over Bandcamp usually, so I’m probably just late to the party here. It’s some solid dreampop/chillwave stuff, though, and “It Hurts To Say Goodbye” in particular is an all-time banger.

Mark Redito is another American producer, and his Neutropical is some fun tropical bass sounds, which almost feels like a throwback at this point.

And even more in that “throwback” lane, British producer Rachel K Collier’s Songs in the Key of Internet is some straight-up house-inspired electropop, like what you would have seen on the pop charts in the early 2010s.

Some upcoming things to mention (which also got some pre-release tracks included in the list):

Bleachers: This is probably the biggest name here, but there are good reasons for that.

Chromeo: Playlist regulars here, back with their first full album in six years. Their track “Replacements”, with guest La Roux, is… maybe my favorite thing from either artist in ages? Which is not a small feat! (although I guess both have been quiet for a while, too…)

Jamie Paige: The synthpop artist and vocaloid enthusiast has teased a new album in 2024, I think? And a video game soundtrack. Maybe those are the same thing? Either way, her output here includes “Love Renewed” (the theme for that game she’s soundtracking) and the Hatsune Miku-shitpost single “You’re Telling Me A SHRIMP Fried This Rice?!”, which goes harder than a novelty single has any right to.

Great Good Fine Ok: They’re usually good for regular releases anyway, but I have a feeling their fifth (album? EP? I can never tell) is coming. I’ve liked all of their recent songs, but special shoutout to “Blame”, which is a jam.

Smallpools: Another small indie pop band I’ve been following since college. They didn’t get as big as some from that scene, and it makes new music from them a little less frequent, but I appreciate that they’re still releasing solid tunes.

The Last Dinner Party: I heard their lead single “Nothing Matters” on my local alternative station, and it was another one that tickled that “Florence + the Machine” part of my brain. Looking forward to trying their debut album.

I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME: Another one I’ve heard teased on the local station. I liked their first album enough to give this a chance, and “What Love?” is good.

I don’t think I have too many words left in me, but I want to do some final, down-the-line shout-outs to close things out. The specific songs and releases are in the text of the full list at the end, but before then:

Genuine Leather: Austin-based synthpop artist making solid new wave revival tunes. Another one that I feel like I would have really gotten into if I found it back in college.

Magnolia Park: Their MoonEater and SoulEater EPs are fun emo/pop-punk listens, especially “Manic”.

Loveshadow: San Francisco duo making dreamy synthpop with inspiration from ‘80s dance music.

Sacred Skin: The Decline of Pleasure had a number of strong post-punk/new wave songs.

Alicia Walter: “Standing on Your Doorstep” is a fantastic song, and I Am Alicia has retro soul and theatrical influences.

Howless: I’m still trying to get into shoegaze, as it feels like it’s having its revival, and Mexico City band Howless’s more synthwave-y approach was one of the more enjoyable takes I’ve had.

Saya Noé: Hungarian singer-songwriter making dark, reverberating synth songs.

Sen Morimoto: A Chicago-based record store owner making jazz fusion music with touches of rock and hip-hop.

Super Cassette: Oakland-based power-pop group; I had a good time with Continue?

Graveyard Club: Another shoegaze-y band, this one from Minneapolis, coming at that angle from a new wave/post punk angle.

Anecdata: A great name that caught my attention; solo New Zealander Dan Satherley has some good power pop/new wave songs on Aucklantis.

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    Artist Song Releases
    The Beaches Blame Brett Blame My Ex
    The Beaches Everything Is Boring Blame My Ex
    The Beaches Cigarette Blame My Ex
    The Beaches (with Lights) Let's Go Future Lovers EP
    The Beaches Orpheus End of Summer EP
    underscores Johnny johnny johnny Wallsocket
    underscores Old money bitch Wallsocket
    St. Lucia Two Moons Utopia (Deluxe)
    St. Lucia Poet Early Demos
    Lauren Mayberry Shame single
    Chvrches White Summer Bones of What You Believe Demos
    WALK THE MOON Mono No Aware The Liftaway
    WALK THE MOON Smoke Signals The Liftaway
    Bad Suns The One I Used to Love Infinite Joy EP
    Bad Suns Everything Is… Infinite Joy EP
    Hoity-Toity También Hoity-Toity EP
    Hoity-Toity Without a Sound So Below EP
    Hoity-Toity Out of Body So Below EP
    Chappell Roan Red Wine Supernova The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess
    Chappell Roan Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess
    Chappell Roan My Kink Is Karma The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess
    LOBBY BOY Hold Me Still single
    LOBBY BOY Pursuits of Personhood PURE P.o.P.
    LOBBY BOY Pretty Songs Pretty Songs/Pursuits of Personhood
    LOBBY BOY Discowife Pretty Songs/Pursuits of Personhood
    LOBBY BOY In Two Places LORE!
    Fireball Kid Asking You Out Gas Station
    Fireball Kid Let's Fucking Go Tonight Gas Station
    Fireball Kid & Ura Star Good Time Emotional Bros Hotline
    Fireball Kid & Ura Star Come Thru Emotional Bros Hotline
    Fireball Kid (ft. Magi Merlin, Ura Star   & Big Friends) Be Friends Speedrun
    Fireball Kid 20 Kilo Speedrun
    Zoe Briskey Rock Song Ultra Desire
    Zoe Briskey Horny In London Ultra Desire
    Zoe Briskey Better than Ur Boyfriend Ultra Desire
    Gold Casio $$ Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death)
    Gold Casio Womp Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death)
    Gold Casio Thieves in the Temple Disco Hits Radio (Or, The Ecstasy of Ego Death)
    Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of   Leisure 6 ft Under the Dance Floor The Afterparty
    Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of   Leisure Ego The Afterparty
    Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of   Leisure Girls Cry All the Time The Afterparty
    Heartracer Edge of My Heart The Feel
    Heartracer Until the Sun Comes Back The Feel
    Hannah Diamond Affirmations Perfect Picture
    Hannah Diamond Poster Girl Perfect Picture
    Hannah Diamond No FX Perfect Picture
    able machines Digital Precision Digital Precision
    able machines Watch the World Die Digital Precision
    able machines Evidence Digital Precision
    Frost Children COUP SPEED RUN
    Frost Children FLATLINE SPEED RUN
    Frost Children Got Me By the Tail Hearth Room
    Milk Talk & Vantage Million Miles Away singles
    Milk Talk Ah Be Rue Milk Talk
    Milk Talk Pixelated Girl Milk Talk
    Moe Shop (feat. Milk Talk) Silhouette single
    Midnight High Avenue Swimming Lessons
    Midnight High Higher Swimming Lessons
    Midnight High Do It To Me Swimming Lessons
    CATBEAR Only Desire Into the Light
    CATBEAR Love and War Into the Light
    CATBEAR Higher single
    Broken Record Nothing Moves Me Nothing Moves Me
    Broken Record See It Through Nothing Moves Me
    Dirty Nice Sophie, What's Up Surrenderland
    Dirty Nice SHARK! Surrenderland
    Short Fictions Self Betterment in a Time of Loneliness Oblivion Will Own Me and Death Alone Will Love Me (Void Filler)
    Short Fictions Reno Nevada, January 2020 Oblivion Will Own Me and Death Alone Will Love Me (Void Filler)
    Allie X Fresh Laundry Cape God
    Allie X Sarah Come Home Cape God
    Allie X ft. Mitski Susie Save Your Love Cape God
    Wild Nothing (feat. Hatchie) Headlights On Hold
    Wild Nothing Suburban Solutions Hold
    Flood District I'd Rather Feel Nothing Eden to Carry
    Flood District Sleepyhead Eden to Carry
    Nasim Siddeeq This Time Around Singing for My Life
    Nasim Siddeeq I Need Your Love Singing for My Life
    Nasim Siddeeq I Want You Nasim Siddeeq
    Nasim Siddeeq Let's Just Dance Nasim Siddeeq
    CIVILIANS Fat Friend Civilians
    CIVILIANS Zizmor Civilians
    Kicksie Caught My Attention Mad Dash
    Kicksie Mad Dash Mad Dash
    Chris Farren Human Being Can't Die
    Chris Farren Say U Want Me Can't Die
    Holly Humberstone Into Your Room Paint My Bedroom Black
    Holly Humberstone Cocoon Paint My Bedroom Black
    Post Coal Prom Queen Free Radio Phobos Music for First Contact
    Post Coal Prom Queen From Glasgow to Mars Music for First Contact
    Inhaler These Are the Days Cuts & Bruises
    Inhaler When I Have Her On My Mind Cuts & Bruises
    Alice Knows Karate She's Got Legs Fablewave Deluxe
    Alice Knows Karate We're All Mad Here Fablewave Deluxe
    Neon Tetra Sweatin' Up a Storm Sweatin Up a Storm EP
    Neon Tetra Jealous Love Sweatin Up a Storm EP
    missouri surf club kingdom come postcards from a churchyard
    missouri surf club junk! postcards from a churchyard
    Snail's House Hypernova Disco Alien Pop IV
    Snail's House Club Nebula Alien Pop IV
    7mai Peplum White EP
    7mai Arcobaleno White EP
    7mai CUTE-Distinction Violet EP
    7mai Lavender Bouquet Violet EP
    alpha Lemonpie kawaii pop assort
    alpha Earlgrey kawaii pop assort
    alpha Sweetie kawaii pop assort 2
    Andora Starlight singles
    Andora (feat. WaMi) Moonrise singles
    ElevenWAV Laying There a MiLLion thoughts after midnight…
    Me and My Kidney Dream State Magical Girl Coma
    Me and My Kidney The Slime Magical Girl Coma
    Blackbird Blackbird It Hurts to Say Goodbye Hearts LP
    Blackbird Blackbird What We've Built Hearts LP
    Mark Redito (ft. Ehiorobo) Right There Neutropical
    Mark Redito (ft. Abbi Press) Cloud Keep Neutropical
    Rachel K Collier I Wish You Well Songs in the Key of Internet
    Rachel K Collier A B X Y Songs in the Key of Internet
    Bleachers Modern Girl pre-release
    Chromeo (feat. La Roux) Replacements pre-release
    Jamie Paige Love Renewed single
    Jamie Paige You're Telling Me a SHRIMP Fried This Rice?! single
    Great Good Fine Ok Midnight Rain Singles
    Great Good Fine Ok Blame Singles
    Smallpools (feat. Yot Club) Motion pre-release singles
    Smallpools Night Shift pre-release singles
    The Last Dinner Party Nothing Matters pre-release
    Genuine Leather Promises Genuine Pleasure EP
    Genuine Leather Genuine Love Genuine Pleasure EP
    Magnolia Park & 408 Manic SoulEater EP
    Magnolia Park & Decode Blud Luv SoulEater EP
    Magnolia Park & nothing,nowhere Breathing Mooneater EP
    Loveshadow Last Room II
    Loveshadow Another Dream II
    Sacred Skin Circles The Decline of Pleasure
    Sacred Skin Fever The Decline of Pleasure
    Alicia Walter Suit Yourself I Am Alicia
    Alicia Walter Standing at Your Doorstep I Am Alicia
    Howless Levels To Repel Ghosts
    Howless Unlucky To Repel Ghosts
    Saya Noé Pinky Promise Jupiter
    Saya Noé Jupiter I. Jupiter
    Sen Morimoto Bad State Diagnosis
    Sen Morimoto Pressure on the Pulse Diagnosis
    Super Cassette Ember Continue?
    Super Cassette 9 to 5 Continue?
    Graveyard Club Nowhere Moonflower
    Graveyard Club Valens Moonflower
    Anecdata The Control Aucklantis
    Anecdata One Man Bland Aucklantis
    again&again Sundays single
    ARIZONA Hanging On single
    Boy Jr. DOITHINKYOUREHOT? Okay Fine I'll Put It on Spotify
    Cafuné Tek It Running
    Cafuné Friction single
    Capital Cities Skeleton Man single
    CD Ghost Let Go Vignette I
    CIEL Jealousy Make It Better/Rather Be Alone [Double EP]
    CIEL Talk Make It Better/Rather Be Alone [Double EP]
    CLAVVS Ship O
    CLAVVS Interference single
    Cloud Seeker You're Moving On From Me to You EP
    Cloud Seeker From Me to You From Me to You EP
    Damn the Witch Siren (feat. Largemouth   Brass Band) Dog single
    David Hale Under Control Paradigm
    Dinosoul Garbage Truck Eleven
    Dinosoul Right Now Eleven
    Dresage Sanctify single
    Earth Moon Earth New Mourning (Hummingbird) Earth Moon Earth
    Grand Hotel Places & Faces Heaven Tonight
    Grand Hotel Gotta Get It Heaven Tonight
    hex gf Haters Haters
    It's Butter Calluses It's Butter EP
    Jukebox the Ghost Automatic single
    Kady Rain Can't Save Us All I Ever Wanted EP
    Kady Rain All I Ever Wanted All I Ever Wanted EP
    Letting Up Despite Great Faults Cherry Splits single
    Letting Up Despite Great Faults In Steps Letting Up Despite Great Faults
    Letting Up Despite Great Faults I Feel You Happen Paper Crush EP
    Madame Reaper and the Gentlemen's Club Gimme Madame Reaper's Gentlemen's Club
    Megan McDuffee Entity single
    Neon Trees Losing My Head single
    Oux Beekeeper Pt. 1 Honeymood
    Primo the Alien Move We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes EP
    PRIZM Go Your Own Way Rumors in the Night
    Roosevelt Ordinary Love Embrace
    Roosevelt Luna Embrace
    saoirse dream down in flames single
    Tamar Berk if u know, u know tiny injuries
    Tamar Berk Sunday driving tiny injuries
    The Belle Sounds Four Fathoms Deep Four Fathoms Deep EP
    The Belle Sounds All About Love All About Love EP
    The Undercover Dream Lovers Too Late Time Lapsed
    Vallis Alps Set It Off, Set It Right Cleave
    Vallis Alps Start Again Cleave

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